Why did I create this site?

This is Femme Daily’s first blog entry, so as Simon (Sinek) says, I’m starting with why – why I created this site.

In a nutshell, Femme Daily was created because I felt like there was something missing in the realm of women’s lifestyle sites (which yes, I know is hard to believe because there are quite literally millions of personal blogs out there).

Browsing these websites and blogs, I always felt like they portrayed this facade of having the perfect life. I don’t know about you, but my hair is not perfect everyday. Sometimes my clothes have wrinkles. My smokey eyes hardly ever match. My apartment is never photo shoot ready. I wanted to find a site that reflected that – what a twenty-something’s life really looks like.


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In tandem, a core tenant of my life has always been personal improvement, so I sought something that was real, but also supported women in becoming better overall people who are not just beautiful, but smart, thoughtful and happy, too.

The bottom line: I couldn’t find that site, so I started my own.

My hope is that sharing what life is like for me will inspire other young women to let go of the notion of perfect, and strive to find and create the best possible version of themselves.

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